How I came to Love Writing.

I was twelve years old and in grade seven, being that age and just hitting junior high I had a number of adolescent problems, ranging from confidence issues to disliking my parents and feeling that the whole world was against me. At the time I didn’t have a healthy way of coping with these issues, this is where writing comes into play.

Halfway through the year my english teacher left for maternity leave and we got a substitute for the remainder of the year, this plays a huge part in my story, because if he hadn’t taken over I’m doubtful I would have fallen in love with writing like I did.  He did things completely different from my original teacher had, one day he put up a picture and told us we had five minutes to write a small plot or story about it. He said he would do this every day until he felt we had enough to choose from and then we would be required to pick one of our short prompts and turn it into a short story.

The picture one day was of a man standing on a hill surrounded by lightning. At the time I was heavily into the twilight series and other books of that nature, I think every girl went through that stage, so my short story was called “Death Repeated” and about a ghost who acted out his death over and over again until a young girl helped him find peace and move on.

“Death Repeated” was the story I handed in for that assignment, and if I remember correctly I received a fairly good mark for it, and since that short story I fell in love with writing.

I bought a hard cover note-book and started writing short stories, and a year or two after that I picked up a journal and havent stopped. I believe since then I’ve completed four or five journals.

It’s crazy how something so simple as a teacher trying to teach a lesson about creative writing can help you find the solution to all your problems. Since that day back in grade 7 writing has become my one love, my go to when anything goes right or wrong. It will never leave my side, it will not judge me, it will simply be there for me.

Happy reading lovelies,



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