I’ve lost people, I’ve lost a friend and I’ve lost family members. I’ve never lost a best friend or an immediate family member but a loss is a loss.. Whether it be the end of a friendship or the end of a relationship.. it’s still a loss is it not ?

It still leaves a hole in your heart where that person used to be. They become replaced with an ache, a burning sensation and the willingness to do anything to bring them back.

The ache doesn’t go away, their memory never fades. It remains tucked away in the back of your mind after time.

But, when it first happens, when you first lose that person. It feels, for lack of a better word, horrible. As if you can’t continue on without that person in your life, by your side.

And for a long time those memories haunt you. Constantly reminding you that things will never be the way they were. You’ll no longer have all those inside jokes, he is no longer there to stay up with you late into the night, holding you close until you fall asleep. He’s not there to make you feel better when things go wrong. And he’s not there when things go right, if you can even imagine things ever going right again.

He’s gone. He left you, and left you alone to deal with your broken heart, with the aching hole and the memories.

And he never looked back.


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