Your Twenties in a Nut Shell

Your twenties are a weird stage of your life. I mean, You spend the first eighteen to nineteen years of your life having to raise your hand and ask for permission to go to the washroom, and then boom just like that everything changes.For most, you had your parents dictating a good part of your life; whether you were allowed to do this or that or when it was time to clean your room. And then, you hit your twenties; you go off to college or university or in my case you get a fulltime job and you move out.

Once you move out or go off to school whatever your choice may be, things completely change. I went through highschool waiting and praying for it to end, unable to wait to grow up and be an “adult”. Now that I am “adulting” as it’s now commonly called I’ve learned that it’s not all that I had thought it was cracked up to be. I find myself always and I mean always exhausted, whether it be mentally or physically it is a constant battle to stay alert. Your life is never not busy, there’s always an appointment, work, cleaning, or grocery shopping that needs to be done.

I find myself calling my mom whenever any slight inconvenience occurs. Thank god for mothers. For example; when grocery shopping and I can’t find a certain item I call my mom, because asking her is a lot less awkward than having to stalk down a merchandiser and deal with the look of annoyance on their face when you ask them where something is.

And grocery shopping is only one part of this unfortunate “adulting” thing we have to go through. Then there’s work. My personal schedule is seven twelve hour shifts whether it be days or nights and then seven days off. By the end of my seven days/nights on I am so exhausted in every way that I am on auto-pilot and, at this point I am no longer a functioning human being, I am an over caffeinated zombie.

The worst part for me thus far (besides the obvious never ending need to sleep) is that I find I no longer have the extra time to do the things I used to love doing. I dont remember the last time I sat down and read a book, or even wrote for that matter. The last time I posted on here was over four months ago.

Life just seems to take over once you finish highschool. All the fun things seem to get put on hold because there are all these things that you have to do and the wants are no longer a necessity.

In short, I think the point of this novel sized rant is that “adulting” is crazy and hectic and busy and though we may find our selves in over our heads with all these things we absolutely must do, I think it is extremely important to find the time to do the things that make us happy. Or we all might become permanently over caffeinated zombies.

~Happy Reading, Lethal Beauty



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