I’m new to blogging, I have never quite considered the idea of writing my thoughts down online for the world to see. So, I guess ill give a little description on myself, I have kept a journal for as long as i can remember, i have a love for reading (Stephen King being one of my favourite authors), one of my dreams is to travel and see the world, i am almost twenty years old and new to the world of “adulting”.

Growing up with a love for reading I’ve always kind of aspired to be a writer, but with the lack of confidence in myself and my writing I have yet to publish anything online or otherwise. I guess there is always that fear of rejection, like in high school, i feel like no one ever quite let’s go of those days and the horrid memories that came with it.

I hope that blogging teaches me to have confidence in putting myself and my thoughts out there for the world to see, whether the feedback be negative or positive.



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