“Adulting”; six years later.

Lately, I find myself looking back on the last couple years and wondering where I went wrong and how if I would have done just one or two things differently how much better my life could be.

At fourteen when I started the course that was supposed to become my career when I graduated I expected by twenty to have a good life made for myself. But, I’m twenty now and six years later I look back and I’m no where near where I’d hoped I’d be. 

So many people have told me, “you’re only twenty, you have so much life left ahead of you. Don’t stress the small stuff.” But, that little 14 year old version of myself is so disappointed and heartbroken over the way things panned out.

Which, brings me back to the first point I’ve made; if I had done things a little differently, finished it a little earlier, would I be where I thought I was supposed to be by now ?

I like to blame the economy for the way things panned out, but I have to take some responsibility myself. Right ? That’s the “adult” thing to do. Be accountable for your own actions. 

Yet, I still find myself asking on a regular basis, why me ? Guess I’m not as good at this “adulting” thing as I thought.

The ache you left behind.

I no longer look at pictures of me and him and feel anything, I let go of that and it became a thing of the past a long time ago.
But every time I see a picture of us I cringe in pain. I cringe at the idea of us being over and the fact that the past three years no longer mean anything to you.
I cringe thinking about what you’ve done since you left me and our cat behind in our apartment in Newfoundland. The place that we had sought refuge in after the fire that momentarily took over our lives. 
I cringe every time I see something that reminds me of you, because of the memories that crowd my thoughts. The beautiful ones that made me smile and feel as though I would never be alone and the new painful ones that remind me that every promise, kiss and “I love you” were a lie.
I cringe at the new found hatred I have developed for you over the past month. The hatred that grows with each day that passes that we don’t speak, because everyday that goes by is another reminder that it truly is over.
Most say that it is a blessing that you walked away, that I will be better off because of it. But, how can I see the light when it is so easily shadowed by the pain and aching hole in my heart that you left in your wake.
You’ve broken me, made me feel worthless, like a waste of time. 
While the thoughts of you come and go throughout the day the ache remains the same. Only relieved when I am distracted. The second I am alone with my thoughts you, along with every painful memory and the burning desire to have you in my arms once more returns..

The 88,000

A beautiful story written by one of the brave people who helped fight the fire to save our homes. We cannot thank you enough.

~ LethalBeauty

As I begin to write this, I sit 30,000 feet in the air above the empty city of Fort McMurray. A place where for the past week my boots have been on the ground fighting the most merciless and unrelenting fire I will likely ever see for the rest of my career as a fire […]


Tuesday, May Third, 2016

Three days ago my family and I, and the rest of our town were evacuated. Half of us sent out North to the site camps and half of us South, towards Edmonton, Lac La Biche, ect.
This is my story, how it felt, how I feel now, what I seen and what I know. Continue reading

No Matter What

“Have Faith & A Burning Desire to just Keep on Going No Matter What Happens.”

Today, I found out some very unsettling news. At first it felt as if my whole world was going to come crashing down, until I sat down with the people important to me and realized that just because something bad happens doesn’t mean its the end. Continue reading